2020 – Applications

Trampoline Swing

Whiskey Dick

Couch mobile

Doil & Trouble


Puff (the magic dragon)

Thrive Hive

Tanpopo Izakaya

Cuddle Cock Central

Ruben’s Tube

Texas Burner Love

Sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their head

Friendly Universal Telecom


The Portable Porthole Portal Project

Sacred Volcano

Purr Pocket

Dog Thread Tribute

The Firebender

Trono de Fuego – The Throne

Trono de Fuego – The Flame Effects

The Art of Naan Making

Everything you need to Dye camp

Stone Alphabet

Ellison Box

Lava Lounge Lightbox 2.0 Infinity Mirror Additions

Strike a Pose at Star Trekkin’

Siren’s Egg Choir

Cosmic Camel Love Boat

Untitled CWelch Project (aka: TBD)

Cosmic Camel Love Boat

Adventures with Princess Pika

Cosmic Camel Cantina Health beverages

Deep Tea

Hydrocarbon Homecoming Mum Project – Community Mums

Inaugural Burning Flipside Science Fair

Ice Trailer Dance Pole

“Cuddle Cave”