2020 – Sacred Volcano


Sacred Volcano


Last year was the first time I played around making a sign for lava lounge. It was great and it will do the job but I have envisioned something grander. I would like to redo the sign as a light-up outline of a volcano complete with a fiberoptic eruption. My estimate for the project is about 300$. This included PVC pipe, fiber optic cables and then some extra thick and extra-long el wire.

Will it need power?


If it will need power, what is your power plan?

Lava has a genny so if I need that much power I can use it but I think I can do this all batter powered

Does the piece incorporate flame effects, moveable pieces, and/or is it climbable?


If it does incorporate flame effects, moveable pieces, and/or is climbable what is your safety plan? [(Note: if flame effects are used, your project will be subject to inspection by the Burnable Art Lead, who has final say if your project will burn during the event).]

The eruption on the top of the sign will move as at is going to be a fiberoptic cable eruption. I don’t think there needs to be a safety plan for this because people will not be able to reach the sign and if they did the power in this thing is very very low.

Have you completed any other large scale art projects? (In this media? Where and when? How did the project go? Do you have pictures or recordings?)

yes. many. at the Tupperware party in Cali. There is some pretty hardcore rules about photo-taking in the space. they have a blanket no photo policy for the event. but I can show you a video of the setup. It was called “The Cake or Death Factory” I am part of camp wishmaker which goes to BM every year and we create an interactive art peice called the wishing wall each year. I am the lava event planner and I organize the annual fundraiser for the last two years, def an artisitic expression. I am working on a dandelion field project for BM this year as its own independent project where you can whisper your hopes, dreams, fears into that we play back during the day after voice modification. I do a lot of stuff. Hopefully someone reviewing this application knows who i am and call tell you more about me! all my projects rock.

How much money do you need? (Up to $575) We are looking for a thorough itemized budget and the amount of grant money you are requesting.Please include a reasonably researched estimate of the cost of the materials you expect to need.



16×8 = 96

El wire


single peice, 100meters

Fiber optic cables


4 peices 25 x4 = 100

I have most the other items i need to make this with and all the tools.

If you want to upload something for the budget you can do that here:

What is your timeline detailing the planning, creation, installment, and removal of your project?

ideally i buy everything in the next month or so it will take that long to get stuff from china plus coronavirus…???

Optional but encouraged: detailed drawings, CAD files/SketchUp documents, sketches, or other graphic illustrations of your creative concept.


We would like the artists to give community workshops outside of Flipside. Do you think you have a workshop idea that could be provided to the community? If so, please tell us what it is.

i dont have an opinion on this

By applying for this grant you agree that if given the funds you plan to:

Work to compete your project by Flipside, Save and provide receipts of materials greater than or equal to grant amount by 07/25/20. If you do not provide this information you be disqualified from receiving a grant in the future., Complete a follow up report so we can learn

You may upload photos/recording of past projects here *You must have a Google account to do so.


We will be having the 2021 Ignition Philter fundraiser after the fall town hall (usually held in late September/ early October.) Would you be willing to bring the piece back for that event?


Have you received funding from any other entity or regional for this piece previously? If so, who and how much?