2018 Grant Winners!

In 2018 year we had 36 applications!  Thanks to your donations during tickets and the LLC, we were able to award 16 projects money for a total of $5500!  Not bad for our first year.

Here are the winners of the 2018 Flipside art grants for 2018!  In no particular order!

Crank Baby!

Shadow Puppet Kissing Booth!

Lite Brite!

Free Dougs!

Presence Powered Music Pillar!

Bunnies Dream in Synesthesia!

2018 Memorial Temple!

The G String!

F U Telecome Payphones!

Mobile Fire Jenga!

SAM Needs Brain Surgery!

Blinky & Boosh-A Luscious Makeover!


Kaleidoscope Eyes V2!

Ancient Magic of the Shadow Puppets!

Shakespeare’s Pistil! *


And here are the Flipside projects still seeking financial support, some of which are funded by Ignition Philter, some not.  Give if you can because art takes money! 

*Photo by Patrick used under Creative Commons License



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