Wish Dandelions

Artist: Dave Nall

Description: Life is big. Feel small again as you gaze at nature from a bug’s life. Under the night sky a field of dandelions glow in the darkness, bright white fluff swaying in the cool night breeze. Mingle and cuddle with family and friends where your minds trace back to childhood and spring days in fields of grass picking dandelions ready to spread their seeds to the wind. Pick a dandelion, make a wish, and blow.

INTERACTIVITY: Participants get to interact with WISH! on a visual and tactile level. Fiber optics are pleasing to the eye and to the touch. The sharp points of the fibers tickle the senses while the lights dance in the breeze. Motion sensors will capture movement and change the light patterns, as the code evolves, multiple participants surrounding a dandelion will trigger a special light show sequence only available to participants harmonizing together.

Come by at night with a wish in your heart to send out into the universe, staff will assist you to hang an illuminated seed to float into the night sky. WISH! offers a multitude of gift giving opportunities to remember your experience with this imaginative art environment. Potted living dandelions that will bloom into wishable seeds, dandelion seed necklaces, stickers and patches for keepsakes.

More info can be seen on  this page.

Does the piece incorporate flame effects, moveable pieces, and/or is it climbable? No

Post Event the artists may give a workshop to the Flipcitizens. We might expect to see a workshop on:

I have a workshop idea for during Flipside. I make small up-cycled “mood” LED lights with a small watch battery and color-change LED. I will be providing materials for approximately 50 of these to gift out. I could also do outside workshops for all sorts of design engineering activities ranging from fashion and wearables, to large scale illuminated art installations. I’m always creating!

Note: If you as a Flipizen would like to provide them with more support you can find info  here.