Cosmic Zome

Artist: Cosmic Creatures

Art Description: The Cosmic Zome is a 13 foot tall, 20 foot diameter, projection-mapped zome. Unlike traditional geodesic domes which are built out of triangles, a zome is a similar structure built from kite shapes instead of triangles. This small twist creates a beautiful geometric shape suggesting sacred geometry, with the top of the zome forming the petals of a flower. The frame is covered with 84 panels, and multiple projectors inside the zome will create a 360 degree continuous video and sound experience for you to enjoy. Come by, relax, and get lost in the immersive video and sound experience regardless of your level of sobriety!

About the Artist: Cosmic Creatures Collective, a newly minted 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is dedicated to advancing arts education and promoting the development of visual and performing arts. With a membership rooted in Texas (with friends from all-over the galaxy), we run a sound and art camp at burns throughout the country that showcase our unique visual style and provide a space for fire spinners, painters, DJs, live musicians, and other artists to share their works with the world. YOUR SPACE IS HERE!