What and Why:

Ignition Philter, LLC was created in 2018 so that Flipside artists could receive grant money for art they would like to bring to the Burning Flipside event.  Money is provided through ticket donations by Flipizens and through other fundraising efforts.  (This is a continuation of the work previously done by Art Garden and The Tinderbox.)

Where will the money go:

*All money received from the Flipside ticket process will go towards art at Flipside.         (after legal and tax expenses, etc).

After the event we will look at opening it up to other opportunities with other monies.

Accounting of past years can be found at the About Financials page.

Who runs this town?

The people behind the current can be found out at the About the Peeps page.

How do artists get the money?

In March-April 2020, we will be accepting applications for grants of $1-$575.  We will then have a jury pick the art which wins the grants.

Are there any limitations for what the artists can buy with the grants?

We issue grants to cover the expenses and materials of creating an art project. We ask that artists cover their own ticket, camping gear, and other personal expenses. Being awarded an Ignition Philter art grant does not guarantee you entry into the event. Artists must still complete the Burning Flipside ticket acquisition process, and follow all applicable entrance rules.

How do I get involved?

We are still a fairly new organization and are interested in folks who want to make this go.  Soon we will be sending out the call for artists and jurors, but if you want to be more heavily involved, please send us an email at ignitionphilter@gmail.com.