2022 Grant Winners

In our returning year 2022 we had 16 applications in our normal grant window! Thanks to your ticket donations and the monies leftover from 2019, in a first we were able to award every artist who requested a grant their wish (and a few we even gave a little bit more!)

After 2 projects dropped out, we’ll be funding a total of almost $7000. Excellent for year 3 and the return year!

The winners of the 2022 Flipside art grants! as shown on the 2022 Flipside map are:

A1.2 Rapid Fire by Adam Phelps

A1.4 CREATE by Ellsworth

A1.8 Dumpster Fire by Bad Bitch

A1.12 Dhaba Tacos by Honey Badger

A1.13 Tye Dye by Naps

A2.7 Texas Burners by Dirty D

A2.8 Octahedra by Poolboy & The Fuckits

A4.18 Art of Dutch Oven Cooking by Wally

A4.8 Pearlessence by Roxie Moxie

A4.20 Robo Reconing: The Suckup Smackdown by Terlingua Ed

A5.3 Cosmic Fluorescence by Febianna & Tripp

A6.1 Barb’s Dreamhouse by Barb Selizniac

The Ellison Box by Blaine Indemaio

[Also if you’re wondering if you’re crazy because you remember a full page with links to all the individual projects it did exist but technology is fickle and it needs to be redone but that will happen after the event.]

And we did a Flash Grant dedicated to our dear departed friend Bonobo of $200 for one special last project which needed be made from at least 60% reclaimed/reused materials. The winner was

A4.13 Rental Shop by Mary Burns