Where the Funds Come From

Most of our funding comes from burners like you, through an add-on during your Burning Flipside ticket purchase. Don’t forget to click the Donate to Ignition Philter box when buying your ticket!

If you are interested in donating to us outside the ticket purchase window, feel free to contact us (click letter below). We can accept cash, checks or venmo (@Ignition-Philter or click the cc icon below). [*If Venmo-it asks for the last 4 digits of the phone number.  Click Pay Without Confirming or email us for those digits.]

Additional Funding Sources:

AAR, LLC has given generous seed donations each funding year.

In 2019 Ignition Philter, with support from our granted artists and other volunteers, hosted our first

Ignition Philter Fundraiser-Post Town Hall Hootenanny

We are planning another for after Fall Town Hall 2022

***Ignition Philter, a Not-for-Profit LLC, is run entirely by volunteers. We are in the process of converting to 501c3 status.

*Header photo by William Rudoff used under Creative Commons License