Be a Juror!

Choosy burners choose art!

In February we asked the community for jurors to aid in helping decide who gets the funding between the sacred and the propane, and the community stepped up.

Ignition Philter is giving away art grants again for 2022 and these tributes have agreed to help us make the choices.

*To be eligible to serve, those chosen cannot be attached to any of the current applicants or submitting for a grant themselves.

Applicants will be advised if they have been accepted to the jury on March 6th.

-If you are interested in being a juror for 2023, the application will reopen in February of next year. Keep an eye on this webpage, our Facebook page or email us at

How it Works

A Jury of Your Peers

In a meeting, a volunteer jury will review the projects which have been stripped of the artists information (as much as possible) so that the art is judged on the piece and not the popularity of the artist. The Ignition Philter team is there to guide but the jury makes the final decision.

*Juror photo by Douglas Muth used under Creative Commons License