Artist: Roxie Moxie

This will be a small geodesic dome (painted pvc pipe) about 8″ in diameter. Each of the triangles in the dome will be filled with puffy sparkle-vinyl pillows (he fabric they make booths out of in classic 50’s style diners, it is sold by the yard in a rainbow of colors). Each pillow will be in the shape of the triangle around it, and it will attach via hooks to each of the three hub connectors that surrounds it so it will sort of be “stretched” in each open triangle. There will be some space between the pillow and the 3 struts around it to let in air and light. At night, there will be lights inside – either fairy lights or soft LED strips, so the sparkle vinyl will shimmer and sparkle against the lights at night. Some of the “puffy triangles” could also be translucent sparkle vinyl, inside of which I could put colored fairy lights and bubble wrap to puff it up. Basically it’ll be a soft, cozy, sparkly chill space.