artist: honey badger

The Art of Nann making, learn how to roll and cook Indian flat bread then enjoy your creation with traditional Maharashrtan truck stop food.

A Dhaba is a truck stop in India. This project was inspired by my travels in India while visiting family. Going to a Dhaba in India was an experience I will never forget. I wanted to share an unforgettable experience with people at Flipsdie. Fresh made nann with traditional Maharashrtan food. My other half and I have brought a version of this project to Flipside since our first Flipside in 2018. It is always a nice social activity to encourage people to make new friends at the beginning of the festival. In the beginning I made and serve the food, which was fun but left little time to get to know people. I was inspired by the interactive nature of Flipside to transform Dhaba Tacos into interactive food art experience. The purpose of an interactive food experience is to help people connect with their food and those making it.