Isla Verde

Artist: Plant Camp

Art Description: Have you ever gone to the river and thought – behold, a verdant island I see? No? Well that’s all about to change.
Plant Camp would like to bring you a floating tropical oasis to heat up your imaginations as you cool down.
We will build a tropical island for the river with a centerpiece coconut tree to lush up your days and light up your nights while, at the very least, holding your beer.

About the Artist: I am the creator of Plant Camp and previous Wonderlounger and Yayborhooder. I am a native Brazilian so my love of plants crosses continents. My entire yard is a garden of plants that are native and exotic, and I love bringing the feel of nature to Flipside to add a little calm and comfort in support of our debauchery. I’m very interested in agroforestry and hope to bring a little love and inspiration to my fellow Flipizens that they can take with them home.