2022 Bonobo Memorial Flash Grant!

Ignition Philter Flash Grant!Have you finally gotten excited to go back to Flipside? Now that your juices are flowing have you suddenly had an idea for an art piece that you didn’t have back when we did our original art applications back in February?Well then do we have an opportunity for you! Introducing the
2022 Bonobo Memorial Flash Grant!
To honor one of our most unique Flipizens who passed in the last year we are proud to announce and quick a dirty $200 to bring an extra art piece to Flipside.The rules:
-The piece must be made of 60% reclaimed/reused materials.  So find what other people might call trash and turn it into a treasure.  (Bonobo was really great at that.)
-The piece will need to be in your camp since the Art Registration window is closed.  Also since the powers that be won’t be reviewing it, it needs to be “safe” and not involve fire, climbing, or movable parts that could cause injury or death.
-Unlike the normal grant run where a jury of flipizens pick the art, this is the one that only Ignition Philter peeps will make the decision. (So myself, Xaviera Chambers, Treg Taylor and Kristine Seljenes.)
The dates:
-Application is open now until midnight May 8th.
-Decision will be made by May 14th. We will get money to you asap after that.