Aesch Hazzan

Artist: Elijah Reese, Tim Alexander and Tess Noble

Art Description: Aesch Hazzan is a metal sculpture flame effect intended to convey the illusion of flight using directed high pressure bursts of propane. Play a game, solve a puzzle, help a critter land in a lovely spot for a bit of rest.

About the Artists: Tess is a journeyman electrician by trade who has participated in effigy builds for Flipside and Freezerburn events over the past five years. Flame effects are her favorite part of burns. She has helped design and build out multiple projects including Flamehorn, Second Shark, Stairway to Heaven Pipe Organ, Exothermia, and Cloudseeder. Elijah is a motorcycle mechanic with the daddest jokes around who has participated in effigy and other large-scale builds for Flipside, Freezerburn and Burning Man over the last decade. He designed and built a low-pressure propane zen garden that was displayed along with the Flipside 2018 effigy. Elijah has many years of experience tinkering with mechanical systems. Tim is a software engineer and troubleshooting master who has been the lead for several flame effects projects across Texas burn events over the past ten years. His resume includes many of the projects that have been mounted on or next to recent Flipside and Freezerburn effigies, including Pyropod and Cloudseeder (2018, 2023 Ignition Philter art grants).