Love & Light

Artist: Allie

Art Description: Feel our radiant connection and collective love with “Love & Light,” an experimental art installation making its debut at Burning Flipside 2024. Suspended above the Pecan Playa, this chandelier adorned with resin poured sun catchers will illuminate the forest with a kaleidoscope of hues dancing in harmony under dynamic sound reactive LED lights. But “Love & Light” isn’t just about visual spectacle—it’s a testament to community and diversity. Engage with us as we invite you to contribute your handwritten expressions of affection, “Love, [name]” messages which will be preserved in resin panels. This collaborative effort, akin to a fingerprint of our collective spirit, symbolizes the beauty of unity. And in a touching tribute, honor the memories of loved ones by submitting their handwritten samples, preserving their essence within the exhibit. “Love & Light” is a celebration of our differences and the unique marks that we leave on our community. Join us in basking in the warmth of shared light, reflecting on the love that surrounds us, and honoring the luminous memories that continue to inspire.

About the Artist: As a mixed media artist and dedicated participant of Burning Flipside since 2012, I’ve found boundless inspiration in the transformative power of creative expression. Guided by a passion for using found, recycled, or otherwise reclaimed materials, I delight in crafting art that challenges perceptions and sparks curiosity. Burning Flipside has served as a catalyst for my artistic journey, encouraging me to view the world through a lens of endless possibility and unexpected beauty. Through my work, I seek to challenge conventional notions and reinforce the idea that things aren’t always what they seem. With each piece, I strive to ignite a sense of wonder and exploration, inviting viewers to reconsider their surroundings and embrace the magic of the unexpected.