About the peeps

This art money ship LLC has three captains and in on the journey of eventually becoming a 501c3.

Master of the ship (and LLC paperwork) is Xaviera Chambers.  She began her Burning Man adventure in 1996 after having read about it in a magazine article.  Since then through her time living in Los Angeles and here in Austin, she has worked to create community.  Having been a part of her village of Gigsville and going to Flipside for over 20 years, she likes her art with a little *bit of edge to it.

Since returning to Austin and the Flipside community, she has spent a few years as the Volunteer Coordinator and Regional Outreach Coordinator lead, as well as created her own position of Art Liasion.  After Tinderbox (the previous art grant program) went tinder, Xaviera dreamt of helping the next captain, only to find herself both dropping the sails and steering the ship.

She believes that as the oldest regional, Flipside should have art that speaks to its citizens and inspires.

Also keeping the boat afloat is Treg Taylor.  He began attending Flipside in 2005, the year of the Rocketship.  Since that first year he has taken on many roles, including DAFT, a ranger, part of the ticket team and Ticket Lead, and has been Communication AF.

When not working one of these roles, Treg has camped with Stone Soup, STFU and Spin Camp.  He believes in helping to fund the arts. He worked with another earlier rendition of the grant program, Art Garden.  He works with Ignition Philter because he believes that building is FUNdaMental: Friends, Camp, Event, Community; This is the Art I Love. Being my Gift by helping Others with the Lift.

On deck we also have Kristine Seljenes.  Her first Flipside was back in 2008 and she found her home in the Wonderlounge.  She has worked Fire & Ice, having been on the Pyro and Ice teams.  She’s also helped with ticket team, Daft, and was the Edumacation Lead for 1 year.  She does Ignition Philter because art is the pulse of Flipside. It’s why we go, it’s what we become and what we seek out. She feels that anyone with an idea, a spark/ a boosh, a desire to bring their idea to fruition should not have money hold them back. Hence, Ignition Philter. Also, more Boosh.