About Financials

While we are currently an LLC, in the future we plan to convert to a 501c3.

Here is the basic overview:

Year 1 2018:

Donations: $8564

Grants: $5500

Other costs:

$1425 in startup Costs (LLC creation, website, signage and supplies)

Year 2 2019:

Donations: $6228

Grants: $7215

Other costs:

$300 Taxes

#150 signage and supplies for Flipside


Amount Spent to create event: $900

Profit: $2200

Year 3 2020: GOAL is to give away $10,000 in grants

Year 3 2020

Donations: $8062.19

Planned Grants: The jury met on March 8th .  We received almost $16,000 in grant requests and planned to give out $9500 in Grants (so close to that $10g goal)

Then sadly Flipside 2020 was cancelled.  We had not yet given out the grants.  (We were waiting to hear what the Flipside LLC decided before doing so.)  We will hold the funds for 2021.

We did let the artists would have received the funds for 2020 know that if they applied again in 2021 the 2021 Art Jury will know that these artists did not get the grant in 2020 through no fault of their own and that will go into consideration. 


*Photo by Keith Avery under the creative common license