FU Telecom Payphones

Artist: Dale

Description: F U Telecom is the premier telecommunications service of Flipside! We already place our troll-enabled telephones in select VIP theme camps, now we want to add “payphone” service to more remote areas of the burn such as badlands and the corral! The old telephone company logos are being replaced with LED lit art, and the payphones will be fully operational (for free) on the FUT phone network so people can prank call theme camps, find their friends, call into KFLIP radio on the air, or if need be call Rangers for help. This project will also lead to the creation of an entire system of dedicated emergency call boxes around the event in the future as we test out this equipment, and of course we’ll be taking these phones to every burn FUT attends, such as Myschievia 2018 and FZB 2019!

Does the piece incorporate flame effects, moveable pieces, and/or is it climbable? No