Presence-Powered Music Pillar

Artist: David


The Presence-powered Music Pillar is an interactive freestanding square wood pillar, about four feet tall, and a foot across. Each side of the square has a distance sensor, at about waist-height. The base of the pillar contains speakers, which play music. The volume of each part of the music (e.g. guitar, drums, bass, and synth) is tied to how far someone is standing from each side of the pillar, out to 10 feet. For example, if one person is standing in front of side A, they will hear just the guitar part of the song. If they get closer, the guitar will get louder, but they’ll only ever hear the guitar. In order to hear the whole song, four people will have to stand around the pillar. The listeners can then “explore” the song by moving closer and farther away, emphasizing and de-emphasizing different parts. LEDs on each side will indicate how close someone is standing to that side.

Does the piece incorporate flame effects, moveable pieces, and/or is it climbable? No

Post Event the artists may give a workshop to the Flipcitizens. We might expect to see a workshop on: I would gladly assist in a workshop on integrating programmable interactivity into art installations. Not so much a “how-to”, since there are so many ways to design any given system, but more like an overview of what’s possible.