Pyropolis Aeronautics and Space Transportation Agency

Artist: Carlos Reina

Description: The highest altitude burn of a tiny Man in a weather balloon that can be launched to around 90, 000 ft. We will have a weather advisor, retrieval team, launch countdown, and Very Concerned Engineers.

The HAB (High Altitude Balloon) Burn project is a small part of what PASTA will be bringing to Flipside.We will also have a Mission Control installation at [Camp redacted[ and smaller rocket launches. Swag, costumes, stickers, patches, other light/sound/video installations, and performance art.

Does the piece incorporate flame effects, moveable pieces, and/or is it climbable? Yes

Post Event the artists may give a workshop to the Flipcitizens. We might expect to see a workshop on:

We could show people how to make and launch water rockets at warehouse. (no fire)

*Photo by Oregon State University under Creative Commons License