Queen of Hearts Abstract Orchestra

Artist: Laura Poyzer

Description: Depthy, heart wrenching, uplifting live classical violin performance with ambient, glitchy, hypnotic, electronic accompaniment. Expect to FEEL. Costume and instrument will be lit with LED’s, the colors will change with the music. A visual and audio treat. The performance will take place inside of the ‘Usually, Existence Conceals Itself,’ art project by Chris Creel. The performance will last between 30-45 mins, expect two performances per night. Due to the improvised nature of the performance no two shows will be the same.

Does the piece incorporate flame effects, moveable pieces, and/or is it climbable? No

Post Event the artists may give a workshop to the Flipcitizens. We might expect to see a workshop on:

Since this is a performance I think that rather than a workshop I could offer to give a performance at a Flipside related event.

*Photo by Rhys A. under Creative Commons License