The G String

Artist: Precious

Description: The G String is a large scale interactive kinetic experiential toy that is as much art as it is science. Looking like a giant 3 dimensional technicolored spirographed tornado, it can be heard howling from 100′ away as its woven string slices through air at 200 mph. The 900 RPM string whisks the air creating an energetic breeze on a still night and sounds quite intimidating, yet is as harmless as a dental floss flogging. A single xenon strobe light “freezes” the apparatus and its single strand of spinning string, it appears to be stationary while all other senses contradict its static appearance. The scene transforms into a magical display as more lights illuminate, gradually revealing seemingly hundreds of color changing strands that form a beautiful fishnet vortex before finally becoming a translucent tube of rainbow colors. While mesmerizing to observe, The G String is meant to be played with. With supervision and consent, participants are encouraged to interact, contribute to and physically experience this art form. The interactivity and G String experience is beyond words. You must experience it to comprehend its beauty and playfullness.

Does the piece incorporate flame effects, moveable pieces, and/or is it climbable? Yes

The art has a spinning bicycle wheel with the bottom of the wheel located 12 feet off the earth. Attached to the wheel is a spinning piece of string which is also 12 feet up. The distant end of the project is also up in the air. During times of supervised interaction and participation, the distant end is lowered to allow participant interaction with the spinning string. If someone gets wound up, we will unfuck their situation.