Usually, Existence Conceals Itself

Artist: Jack “Chris” Creel

Description: The title is a quote from Sartre’s novel Nausea. The project will be a multipurpose lighting installation that will be based around an 8 foot by 8 foot cube made either out of rented lighting truss or fabricated. A separate project proposal made by another artist will be done nightly underneath. She’s a skilled violinist who will be in a led costume I will make doing some original music with an electronic violin and backing music. The lighting structure will have rented lights to accentuate her performance. It will also have a large sculpture of a mobius strip made out of leds, wood, and diffusion material position atop the structure. On the infinite rainbow road, there will be a figure of Sisyphus wrapped in leds and pushing up a glowing ball. The ball will be a large silk lantern from my wedding 7+ years ago and lit from within by leds placed inside of white pex tubing. I will have the led elements controllable by sound activation, wifi, and potentially arcade buttons for random hippies to press.

Does the piece incorporate flame effects, moveable pieces, and/or is it climbable? Maybe

Post Event the artists may give a workshop to the Flipcitizens. We might expect to see a workshop on:

I would like to show people how to make battery powered addressable LED lanterns.

*Photo by fdecomite under Creative Commons License