The Whirl

Artist: Anya (Your Shyness)

Art Description: Step right up and behold The Whirl, the magical 11-foot merry-go-round at the heart of the Whirl of Art installation! Crafted to spread joy to adventurers of all ages, this marvel is no ordinary ride. Grab onto the handlebars and join the fun as you activate a symphony of delights: bat wings flap, Earth-seed dances, hands strum guitars, bells chime, and a turtle takes a swim atop a wave—all brought to life by your spinning antics.
Yet, The Whirl is more than just a ride; it’s a masterpiece of artistry itself. At its center, swirls of vibrant colors blend together like a whirlwind of creativity. And around the edge, watch as mesmerizing transformations unfold, creating a fluent optical illusion of motion akin to the spellbinding animations on Bonobo’s record covers.
So hop aboard, dear adventurers, and let The Whirl whisk you away on a journey of whimsy and wonder through the realms of art and imagination!

About the Artist: There are three key artists/builders involved in creating The Whirl. Anya (Your Shyness) has been involved in the Texas burner community for 9 years, leading camps and bringing art projects like “Rejuvenation Chambers” and “Dating Bracelet Booth”. Sabryna is a lifelong talented artist. She was inducted into the National art honor society in 2004, and has been involved in the arts through jewelry design, and various form of mixed media since then. She has helped Anya with her precious project the “Texass Alamo”, an art piece that went to 3 out of state burns. Jeff W has a long history of building effigies for Flipsides and Freezerburns, and his expert skills were crucial in creating this project.