TerRa Luna

Artist: Poet

Art Description: TerRa Luna, crafted by a dedicated Houston team, pays tribute to the city’s space exploration legacy. When closed, a spinning sphere above a giant blooming seed represents the sun and moon. As a merry-go-round spins, the seed opens and closes, revealing Earth as the eye of the world within a fountain of creation reaching up towards space. Inside the base, among the celestial-themed decor, is a curated art gallery which includes a “Flowing Earth” sculpture, a communal burner project called “Chandelier of Dreams,” and a collection of works by local artists. TerRa Luna harmonizes nature, culture, and the cosmos, encouraging contemplation of dreams and creative expression.

About the Artist: I was first introduced to building art for Flipside when I met a guy at a monthly event I helped operate called Fort Worth Fire Beats, I just recently got invited to my first burn and another mutual friend introduced us. He told me about his project “Mermicorn Tower” and how he needed help with cutting all of the wooden pieces that he designed on his CAD software and we spent 3 weekends preparing the project destined to burn on the Pecan Playa in 2018. Fast forward to now, I regularly attend burns, I have helped build many art pieces, I have helped start camps at Burning Man and now I have designed and built my very first Kinetic sculpture! I am pleased to say that this community has a fond place in my heart. ~ Poet ~