Vibe with a Cosmic Horror

Artist: Annabelle Lewis

Art Description: Vibe with (or be unsettled by!) a Cosmic Creature – an old god, a cosmic horror, a friendo – whatever you find in this particular conglomeration of willow branches, bones, and lichen. The Creature has graciously brought with them the most interesting of stones and other objects for you to use to craft shrines, patterns, and offerings for them.

About the Artist: Annabelle lives in Austin, TX, where you’re most likely to find her chasing after lizards and foraging for interesting bones. She creates moody ink and charcoal paintings inspired by mythology and the occult. Each piece has a story to tell, and is meant to pull the viewer into a mysterious world full of macabre creatures and mythical figures. She especially enjoys finding the stories of powerful women who refused to be obscured by the passing centuries.