Bunnies Dream in Synethsesia by Tardigrade

A Cosmic Critter Carnival is coming to the pecan playa this May! And Ignition Philter Funds Art is ready to help bring art to you!

Our first application is now open! Do you love the art at Flipside? Would you like to help decide which art critters gets the funding to play at this year’s Cosmic Critter Carnival?

Ignition Philter Funds Art is giving away art grants again for 2024 and we can’t do it without your help!

If you are available the afternoon of March 2nd and want to help us judge the art grant submissions then please apply between January 22nd (now!) and February 10th.

Please join us!

*Also remember that this is only possible thanks to viewers like you, so please don’t forget to add that additional donation when you buy your flipside ticket! (tickets on sale until January 29th!)