2019 Grant Winners!

In our year 2019 we had 20 applications!  Thanks to your donations during tickets and the LLC, we were able to award all 20 projects some money for a total of $7215, an increase of $1715 over last year!  Excellent for year 2!

Here are the winners of the 2019 Flipside art grants!  In no particular order….

Wish Dandelions

Glow Wall

House of Glory and Repentance – Part I

House of Glory and Repentance – Part II 

Eagle Burner Project

Friendly Universal Telecom 2019!

Morpheus Matrix

Usually, Existence Conceals Itself

Queen of Hearts Abstract Orchestra

Big Top Mountain


Art of Dutch Oven Cooking

Sit N Spin A Yarn

PASTA – Pyropolis Aeronautics and Space Transportation Agency

Squirrel-Net City Map

Lava Lit Light Boxes

My Volcano Bad and Booshy

Shakespeare’s Pistil

Forge of Hephaestus


*Photo by William Murphy throgh Creative Commons license